Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sadat Sayon is a Potential 'Diamond In The Rough'

As an avid College basketball fan, it's always good to find the 'diamond in the rough.' It's especially fun to discover the ones with a lot of upside.

We watched Stephen Curry grow before our eyes. He was relatively unknown coming out of high school, and look what he became.

Just last season, Gordon Hayward, Shelvin Mack came out of nowhere and took over the college basketball scene.

It seems every year, someone get's something wrong. The players that weren't heavily recruited are usually the ones that make the names for themselves. 

That brings me to this article.

There is a freshman in the New York area by the name of Sadat Sayon—No. 44. 

Sayon is a 6-foot-5 versatile player. 

When speaking to him, he seemed like a very dedicated player. Sayon said “I really want to play and become a good player." 

He is a part of the Gotham Hoops. To name a few, Gotham Hoops have worked with Tobias Harris and Shane Southwell.

In his free-time, Sayon said "I work on my ball handling putting between my legs and stuff. I also work on my jump shot."

There are a lot of positive coming out of this for Sayon. He is an improving player and will be a great addition to a college program.

At such a young age, he has the ability to advance his game even more.

With a 6-foot-5 frame then add dedication and that equals a good prospect.

Watch out for Sayon in the 2013 recruiting class. He could be coming to a college program near you!

Written by DeAnte Mitchell

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